Acne Ultimate | How to cure acne and remove pimples

Skin problems?  Want to get rid of your pimples fast?
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How to get rid of those spots and solve your skin problems

acne before 6afterWe’d like to give some helpful advice and show remedies and alternative treatments to expensive cosmetic products for pimples, acne, and other skin problems.

We’ll try to show some effective, alternative home remedy treatments, able to replace usually expensive skin creams etc., offered to cure pimples and spots on your face.

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The Right Diet Is The Right Cure

How to get rid of pimples and cure acne fast. An anti acne diet is actually the best remedy to fight spots – from within your body, but don’t expect results overnight. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s going to take loads of self discipline to change lifestyle! It does have a huge effect on your skin and obviously your dermatology in general. The basics, about acne vulgaris are found here: Wikipedia

  • NO SUGARPralines
    Yes that’s right, no fizzy drinks, sweeties and chocolate etc. – OUCH


    We suggest tea and mineral water, there’s loads of tasty teas and it does have a kindwater glass rose
    of cleansing effect on the body. Try not to drink anything else, just loads of water and a few cups of tea a day, I guarantee you’ll feel better and notice how your skin condition improves.


    plate of salat on table
    Cut your fast food intake drastically. No greasy food and EAT LOADS of FRUIT n VEG. With these three “rules” you’ll rapidly improve your skin condition and get rid of the spots, plus your whole body and soul will feel it too. REMEMBER a Healthy Body Is a Sexy / Attractive Body.

Don’t Burst It
Many people burst their spots or “press em out”, most do it without knowing the risk they’re taking. If it’s not done right, it will become inflamed and or infected. This has to be done entirely and under sterile conditions. For a precise “how to” guide, use our navigation menu or find instructions about how to pop a pimple here.

How to get rid of Acne fast with home remedies

These days there are literally dozens of home remedies to remove pimples, present in almost every household. Some showing a very good healing response when used as acne remedies. For most of the stuff, you probably have at least one or the other in your cupboard. You find a small selection of acne treatment tips likely effective here. more …

  • Toothpaste as household remedy for topical use overnight. Just paint it on those spots before going to bed. It will dry the spot out and to a degree sterilize it which helps against inflammation.
  • Lemon Juice Against Spots A citrus peel at the Beautician will cost you a fortune, this you can do for your disease at a fraction of the cost at home. Fresh lemon juice will dry your spots out. Probably more practical to do this also before going to bed, rubbing lemon juice into the acne, you’ll see immediate effects.
  • Tea Tree Oil Against Pimples Put this on them a few times a day, it helps almost ALWAYS . No Tea Tree Oil at home? No problem, order online or ask your Chemist, some supermarkets also sell it. Tea Tree Oil is one of the many natural oils you can actually use to fight spots and improve skin conditions. Cumin oil from EGYPT is also very effective against spots and acne.acne-cure-new-book
  • Face Masks made from anti inflammatory healing mud or earth. They don’t just help against spots, they will improve your whole skin condition. You can buy them almost everywhere these days, obviously online too, for example from Amazon.

Above all, a haven of home remedies compared to normal acne agents are the procurement costs, because cosmetics against blemishes are usually quite expensive. Home remedies, however, you have at home or can purchase cheap in a pharmacy or supermarket. They usually don’t work overnight. Some patience and repeated application is required. Fast results are not permanent, in most cases. Nonetheless, though many efforts have been made around the globe, the ultimate acne cure, apart from special diets, has not been found yet.