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The right Nutrition for Acne

Best diet for acne and healthy skin

Nutrition facts for pimples, blackheads and acne – healthy and beautiful skin

When asked how blemishes and pimples are connected with diet, opinions differ greatly. But all agree that: A healthy lifestyle as a basis to prevent pimples and the emergence of new ones.

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These days it’s not just teenagers or youths who suffer from acne and bad skin conditions, adults too. Not just because of the obvious visual mutations, also pimples, acne and skin conditions are painful too.

You’re probably wondering why you should change your diet when you have such an armory of wonder pills and creams from your dermatologist. As mentioned above a proper diet plan is a basis for improving your complexion. A healthy diet ensures that the problem is limited and may even disappear completely, depending obviously on the level of impurities.

Good nutrition does not guarantee spot-free skin

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Enough personal tips for now, I’ll continue with the diet suggestions!
In addition to proper skin care a healthy diet is really important against spots, pimples, acne and skin conditions in general.

Why there are so many different opinions what causes pimples or not?

Scientists have still not been able to find a consistent relationship! Though there are many studies on this subject, but they are often commercially influenced. About stress and acne you may read scientists discussing here.

You see, an entire business area has been established around the term “Acne caused by Diet”. Therefore I will not tell you what diet is poor and promotes pimples, because thereto is no consensus. Instead, I’ll try to teach you which treatments are beneficial for your skin and why.

The skin – our largest organ

To understand how diet can affect the skin, we have to look at the whole from a biological point of view. Should you only be interested in nutrition tips for pimples, you may skip this section and read on below!

So why my diet affects my skin?

All external influences, the food we take regularly too, are absorbed by our body and somehow have to be processed accordingly. For this purpose, all we supply our body with, is used for the production of new cells. Our body differentiates not whether what we have supplied is favorable to the body or rather not. Certainly you know this phenomenon: You have a weekend carved right on the plaster, little sleep, a lot of alcohol, possibly the one or two cigarettes .. – The view into the mirror on Monday morning, would likely to be undone!

Such small mistakes into “unhealthy” life patterns our body coped and handled quickly, but on the lon term such unhealthy lifestyle can lead to longer lasting problems. The problem in fact is, that if the ingredients for the cell structure just mentioned, arise from nothing but pollutants and moreover for example contain few vitamins, then the structure of these cells changes and thus also influences the structure of the skin and hair. Only when the body get the necessary nutrients it’s shown it outwardly by a healthy skin and beautiful complexion.

All right, more nutrition tips for pimples?

Sure, that’s what you’re here for! In order to keep the body fit and do his skin a favor, you should try to banish as many sugary foods from your table. To these foods belong, for example, pasta, nuts or spicy food!

What should I eat then?

I would recommend healthy foods! These include, in my opinion after fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils, fish and wholegrain bread!

What does my body need – and for what?

Zink: Make sure that you take enough zinc! Zinc is essential for a healthy skin and responsible for the healing of skin and thus also for the healing of your pimples! Zinc, for example, contained in cheese, beans and sunflower seeds (My recommendation, delicious and perfect to nibble in between).

These zinc-containing foods, you can also easily buy online:


Selenium: If you tend to constantly blemished skin you should try to include enough selenium in your diet. Selenium is responsible for skin regeneration and protects against free radicals (bindings seeking molecules), which are partly responsible for how fast your skin ages! Selenium is included in brown rice and oats for example!

This selenium-containing foods, you can also buy easily online:


Iron: Iron is virtually the postman who is responsible for ensuring that our skin is always supplied with oxygen. This is especially important for a beautiful and natural skin complexion! Iron is contained in fish and radishes,for example!

Vitamin C: Do you remember the time when your mother preached to you how important vitamin C is, for example, the common cold? I’m sorry to have to tell you that but she was right! Also in your fight against pimples you should make use of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps produce collagen resulting your skin looking more beautiful in general! Citrus fruits, peppers and broccoli help you to take vitamin C unto thee! Small side note: Collagen is one of the 2 protein components of which most human tissue types consist! This includes among other the skin, but not only! So you’re doing all your body some good and caring worry that it ages slower. Vitamin C you can take without problems and risks as a dietary supplement. Vitamin C helps you additionally to improve your immune system and your cholesterol reduction. One package has 100 tablets, ie enough for a long time.


Biotin sustainable / Vitamin H: Accelerates the regrowth of new skin, found in spinach and mushrooms.

Omega -3 und Omega -6 fatty acids: This nutritions ensure that your skin stays young. You are taking them unto thee by eating salmon or nuts.

And now, in my view the most important point:
Drinking, drinking and – drinking more!
What? No coke, no beer, I’m sorry! I recommend you to take every day at least 3 liters of drinking water. This provides your body with essential minerals. At the same time it cleans your body from the inside by flooding out toxins. Only water is too little of taste for you? Then try it with herbal tea, but if possible unsweetened!

Healthy diet for acne prone skin

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