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Acne treatment and pimple removal. Home remedies for skin problems.

Steam bath for pimples

Steam bath for acne, pimples and spots

Edge Note: Also works without the tea bags, because the pores are opened by the hot vapor.
The tea provides an additional refreshing effect!

A steam bath for pimples not only is a natural remedy against acne and pimples.
It is a great help for skin cleansing and clogged pores to help gaining a beauty shining skin fast.

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If you want to know how to cure acne fast,
watch this video about effective acne treatment.

Click Here

Herbal steam bath for pimples /acne & glowing skin
A very helpful additive for an effective acne treatment is apple cider vinegar. Just add one or two spoonful to the hot water, before you start with the treatment.

Herbal Steam Remedy & Beauty Treatment for Coughs, Colds, Congestion, ACNE/PIMPLES & Glowing Skin”>Remedy & Beauty Treatment

This video shows how to make an herbal steam inhalation to treat symptoms of acne, colds, coughs, flu, and chest congestion illnesses like bronchitis. This natural soothing remedy opens and heals nasal passages, lung tissue, and bronchial tubes when you are sick helping to thin out mucus so you can breathe better.
It’s also a miracle-working treatment for your skin to open and unclog your pores and revitalize your skin!

Here’s a video about effective steam bath for pimples:

What else, apart from steam bath treatment can we recommend you additionally against pimples and acne?
If you are really interested in getting rid of them permanently:

 Still suffering from Acne, Pimples or Black Spots
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