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Solarium for pimples

Solarium and tanning for pimples

Does tanning help with acne?solarium use for acne

You’ve probably already heard about the advice visiting a solarium to get rid of your pimples.
As often, there are unfortunately two sides of the coin with a treatment by using the Solarium for acne/pimples.

On one hand there are the “Solarium enthusiasts” who are convinced that the Solarium has helped them fighting their pimples and they are probably not completely wrong. On the other hand there are those people who, unfortunately, found that they’ve got more pimples than before.

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Many people think they could kill two birds with one stone: first, they hope the pimples would go and secondly they could achieve a nice colored skin. That sounds victorious and interesting at first glance, of course, but some factors are very important for the correct solarium visit!

Solarium for pimples / Tanning for acne

So why and when can a solarium help to get rid of your pimples?

Caused by the high temperature of the solarium light, our body starts to sweat. Sweating means that our sweat glands start working and the sweat can begin to flow passing our skin.

Advantage of this fact is that the skin is cleaned by this flow and the pores are cleaned of sebum and other obstruction. This effect, however, would be achieved by performing sports too, but let’s be honest, visiting a Solarium means much less stress and does not cost half as much efforts!

Where is the problem using the Solarium method tanning for acne?

On the long run the solarium ensures that not only your pimples dry out but also your skin – a perfect basis for new pimples! Furthermore, when your skin is exposed to UVA radiation, the skin automatically forms more cells to replace the skin cells which are killed by the sun’s rays.

This increases the production of oil and skin cells what most likely results in even more pimples, because pimples consist of skin cells and oil.

How often should I visit the solarium?

tanning in the solarium for pimplesEvery serious tanning studio has trained staff who can advise you (and should!), how long your solarium sessions should be. This depends on many factors such as your skin type or how your skin tolerates the solarium.

For beginners, it is advisable to go to a tanning studio once or twice a week in order to avoid risks. The duration may vary between 10-20 minutes per session, which depends entirely on the solarium staff’s advice. The whole thing shall cost you normally not more than $ 15 each session, but you should check with a tanning studio of your trust. Too frequent use of a Solarium shall not only affect your pimples negatively, but also has an impact on your overall health.

Keep in mind: An overdose of anything is never good, not matter how healthy it could be in general.

Be careful using a solarium/tanning if you suffer from acne and pimples! Like always, as long as it is not overdone this treatment is sometimes recommendable, but it would be a better advice, to cure acne before. A darker skin color not only hides impurities, it can make your pimples also disappear (partly). Be careful, overdoing solarium visits may cause a “dermis” and even more pimples!

So, use the solarium for pimples with caution, good luck, and let us know your experiences with the solarium concerning your skin’s condition.

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