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How To Pop A Pimple

How to get rid of stubborn pimples popping them

Let’s face a truth, all dermatologists know well

Most of us cannot leave a pimple alone without popping it, but in general you should not pop a pimple because every time you deliberately break skin, you risk creating a scar or getting an infection and in the long term you’ll damage your skin. Even though the best to do is to wash it and leave it alone as it otherwise can get infected and leave a scar, most of us tend to not leave it alone. 7 things never to do suffering from acne

Pop whitehead pimples only

Whitehead pimples have a white tip where the pus has collected underneath the skin. These pimples are easy to pop, and when treated with care they can be safely removed without causing an infection or scarring.

If you not stop touching, or even squeezing it, you should at least learn to do it like a doctor would do.

The first thing you have to remember is to avoid squeezing it out as you probably end up macerating the skin around and it can lead to scars forming on your skin.

How to properly pop a stubborn pimple without scarring

The best way to pop it is like a dermatologist can teach you without leaving a scar. Wash your hands thoroughly, especially underneath the nails using plenty of soap and warm water. You should avoid letting your fingers and nails touch the pimple. Clean the skin surrounding the pimple too, avoiding a way for bacteria to enter.  To clean the area, use antibacterial face cleanser or swab the area with rubbing alcohol using a cotton ball. Don’t scrub the area too hard, to avoid further irritation.

How to pop a pimple on your chin without leaving a scar

The worst thing you can probably do with a pimple is squeezing the zit, as it will ruin healthy skin aroundhow to pop a pimple 1

The best way to do it is: take a sterile needle and pierce the pimple parallel to your skin.

When you insert the needle, make sure you are piercing the white pus because this part is already dead

How to pop a pimple 2

Pull the needle upwards

How to pop a pimple 3
The following move is actually a speeding up process of an action your body already does – pushing the infection upwards and out of your body. Avoid by all means getting your fingers there as they are full of germs and can make the popped pimple infection even worse.

Let the pus drain out

How to pop a pimple 4
Use a wad of cotton wool, impregnated with some antiseptic liquid, and clean it up. If you have a zit ointments use it on the pimple afterwards, if you don’t have – alternatively you can use tea tree oil and mix it with a bit of water (1:10) to apply.

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