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Chin Acne – Stubborn pimples on chin and cheeks

How to get rid of chin acne fast

Most times but not always, hormones stuck behind the problem

chin pimples

Stubborn pimples on chin and cheeks are especially persistent and keep coming back mostly. Appearing in this body region means usually, they are hormonal conditioned, because certain hormones stimulate sebum production and can lead to clogged sebaceous glands. Further on this greasier underground is a good breeding ground for bacteria, which then can cause inflammations. Often is this region especially affected in women due to hormonal changes before the period. Being this the case, you just have to wait – the pimples will normally disappear with the end of the period.

Ingrown hairs can also be a reason for pimples on your chin. If your skin is excessively horny, because dead skin cells are not always rejected automatically and often store at the outputs of the pores. The sebum cannot drain properly and the hair does not break free. Thus, the hair is looking for a new path. This special irritation in connection with the accumulated sebum might be the cause of pimples too.

Reason for pimples at, and around the mouth, may also be the food taken. By eating greasy food a correspondingly greasy film establishes on the skin which may clog pores. Also, if you eat a lot of chips or other fatty and salty snacks, for one or the other it will make it noticeable clear on your chin.

How to get rid of pimples on your chin faster in 3 steps

Pimples on the chin or cheeks are very stubborn and come back often; the more important is a consistent and regular cleaning. Clean your face morning and evening with a facial cleanser. Additionally make a thorough exfoliation once a week. This carries away the dead skin cells and stimulates cell regeneration. This will make your skin look more even and pores cannot clog as easy as they used to before.

Speaking evenly, a smooth skin is important if you want to put makeup with a concealer on your pimples. If you don’t tend and peel your skin regularly, it may lead to scaly skin. If you then cover these dander with pigments of the make-up, the pimple is rather more visible, instead of being hidden.

Care / Fostering

Food intolerances, too greasy food too spicy food – especially on the chin you can see quickly the small and large diet sins. Observe that you always take enough vitamins and fewer empty carbohydrates with your diet, such as those contained in sweets and white bread. Sufficient Vitamins are essential for a healthy and beautiful skin. Of course is it a total nonsense, to dispense entirely from greasy and unhealthy food, but the right balance should be maintained. So if you get propagated pimples back on chin, rethink your diet.

If very stubborn pimples on your chin keep coming back, you should visit the dermatologist. He can clarify what’s probably hidden behind the symptoms and support an antibiotic to fight the pimples. By the way – Tea Tree Oil is not an antibiotic, but in many cases it is able to fight this inflammations.

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