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Mission Statement (About Us)

Acne Ultimate – Mission Statement

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Who we are and what we do

We are an international mix of people (American, English, Spanish, German) situated in and around the Spanish Sierra Nevada (Natural Park). Since a long time we commercialize hand crafted, biological, beauty and skin care products, mainly made from endemic Sierra Nevada herbs, for the local market.


Naturally we encountered a lot of our customers suffering from acne, spots and pimples. So we started extensive research and tests based on our existing knowledge and production, to modify some of those agents with the aim to reduce skin problems caused by acne.


Actually we commercialize our knowledge and findings through an American partner, selling an e-book and include, without further costs, personalized help through a hot-line for everyone who purchased this book.


Almost everyone who followed the advice found in this book, experienced significantly reduced acne problems within a couple of weeks and in most cases acne disappears permanently within some months. (Success rate about 98%).


For all those who suffer from their acne and need overnight results, we developed a ( magic 🙂 ) liquid soap which helps as long as it is applied daily – but unfortunately we can’t produce it in big quantities for the brought public, due to a current lack of capital to build the production facility. – Anyway – this is the next step we are planning actually.


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Barranco de Poqueira s/n
18413 Capileira

Tel: + 491785494338
e-mail: admin [at]


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