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Impure Skin At 30

Acne prone skin

30 years old and suffering from pimples and blemished skin?last one ultimate - poster

That’s really uncomfortable and the right treatment will help. It is estimated that one of four women between 25 and 45 years are affected by impure skin.


The self-esteem suffers and it often affects also the professional or personal life. So, to do something about acne prone skin is even more important.

In particularly serious cases, a visit to the doctor is inevitable.


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Why acne prone / blemished skin at 30

  • Hormones: Pimples often occur in a woman as soon as the next period heralded. Particularly during the period many hormones are released namely, which can have a significant impact on your skin. Also, discontinuation of drugs such as birth control pills or discontinuation of antidepressants can provide blemishes.
  • Stress: This life is running faster and faster, thus always more stressful. The consequences of stress: An unhealthy body. This is also shown quickly on your face!

Treatment of blemished skin at 30

It is important under no circumstances recourse to the usual care products, developed specially for teenagers. These are usually very aggressive and can be harmful to your sensitive skin, because they may dry it out quickly. The main reason is that our skin at 30 produces much less fat than that of a teenager.

What to look for in order to cure your acne prone skin fast and efficient

Cleaning: Clean your face not only at the end of the day, but also after getting up in the morning. Our skin does not rest at night, even while we sleep it raises unhealthy or dead cells. These you should remove with a new morning cleansing, otherwise the pores clog and pimples arise. This procedure should be performed always before putting makeup, or apply any other cosmetics.

Do not express pimples: We tend to express pimples as soon as we see them. But you should definitely not do that, because these inflame and the pimples thus only become worse. Above all,  it creates an increased risk that a pimple scar remains. So let either express the pimple by your dermatologist or simply let it be, until it disappears by itself!

Our tips for proper care

Face water for daily cleaning water for impure skin
This cleans your skin well into the last pore and prevents inflammation. Simply apply morning and evening, after the normal cleansing of the face, at the appropriate location.

Peeling Mask for skin care
Masks open your pores and improve your complexion. You can use them without having to worry that your skin dries. Just apply once or twice a week on your cleansed areas and leave on for a few minutes. Then you ought to rub a little and wash off with lukewarm water. It is important that you do not wipe it dry, but carefully dab with a soft towel, so you won’t irritate it unnecessarily.

If you abide by all these points you should observe an improvement of your acne prone skin quickly!

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