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How To Cure Acne Using Sea Salt

Sea salt cures and health benefits

What is sea salt good for?

Another home remedy that can help you to get rid of your acne or blemishes is sea salt. The use of sea salt for pimples and acne is very simple and easy to perform, yet very useful and effective. As sea salt does not suffer the same manufacturing processes like table salt, the beneficial minerals from the sea remain.

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Does sea salt really help against pimples, acne and blemishes?

sea salt on beach
Anyone who has ever spent a holiday at sea, may have noticed how this stay effected the skin positive .

That’s not because of a relaxing  vacation (though of course a positive impact on the skin is possible), but rather due to the fact that sea salt has a purifying and disinfectant effect. Thus it is a very useful remedy for acne and other skin problems.

Unfortunately one, of course, can not regularly spend his time by the sea – what a pity!
But the good news is: to cure acne or pimples it is also available at home! It can be acquired easily in pharmacies or sometimes in normal supermarkets.

sea salt forming shape of heart

 How to use dead sea salt for acne

The best benefits of dead sea salt against acne are achieved by making a steam bath with it. To prepare this bath, simply add about a handful to boiling water and stir this until it is completely dissolved.
Now place your face just above this steaming solution and let the vapor act on your skin. To enhance the effect, you can also place a towel over your head which avoids the vapors to escape that quickly. After such session you should pat your face dry gently with paper towels. A normal coarse cloth would irritate your skin unnecessarily.

Scrub for acne

You should pour a good amount of sea salt into a small bowl and add a good amount of vitamin E oil, creating a rough paste. Now apply this paste to the blemished parts of your face and let it act for about twenty minutes before rinsing off.  Another way to make a homemade sea salt facial scrub is to add about 5 tablespoons of sea salt to 1/2 a cup of warm water and mix thoroughly.

Now dip a cotton ball into the solution and apply it generously to the affected areas on your face. You can also use these facial scrubs on other affected areas of your body. Remember to let it impact for 20 minutes before washing it off.

Basics about the affect of sea salt for skin blemishes and acne

As mentioned acts sea salt disinfectant and helps against inflamed pimples. It contains an increased level of minerals and trace elements. It is also rumored that it stimulates both, the skin’s metabolism and blood flow to the skin. It is a natural detoxify. It absorbs toxins from the skin. Prepare a paste with water, apply it to your skin and leave for a minute or two, before you shower. In the shower massage off the salt gently as you bathe. This will not only help detoxify your skin, it will also help exfoliate dead skin cells as you rinse them off.
black sea salt
This means on one hand, dead skin cells are removed, but on the other hand the formation of new skin cells is accelerated. So your skin will be refreshed all in all.

Conclusion: using sea salt is definitely a valuable tip for acne and other skin problems!
Best: Dead Sea Salt, Black or Celtic Sea salt have the same effects. Wikipedia

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