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Honey – Home Remedy for Acne and Pimples

Why Honey Is Beneficial For Acne, Pimples And Blemishes

Already Cleopatra knew what was good for her skin
honey picked upCleopatra swore by baths in honey and milk – What’s really fact with honey as cosmetics? Honey was being called the liquid gold, for its positive effects on the skin, people already knew in antiquity.

It has an antibacterial, anti inflammatory effect and is therefore well suited as a treatment of pimples, since these are indeed inflammations caused by bacteria. This means that you can prevent new pimples with honey and fight existings. The effect is primarily caused by the antioxidants contained. Furthermore, honey has a soothing effect on your skin and promotes blood circulation. It is a totally natural ingredient, completely safe to use.

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How to use honey for pimples – Applications

The Cleopatra Bath
Cleopatra bathed not without reason in a mixture of milk and honey: Both together result in a very nourishing bath for the whole body. Alone one liter of milk covers the daily dose of all important minerals that honeyour body needs. Milk however, externally used is beneficial for our bodies too, a fact known by few. Milk fat contained in milk soothes namely the skin and restores natural oils. Our skin needs fat to be supple and healthy. Moisturizing means that a “fat layer” is formed on the skin, which is intended to protect your skin from external environmental damage. Furthermore, some of the enzymes in milk ensure that cell forming is stimulated. So your skin is kept young and fresh. Vitamin A and E are included too, and have a positive effect on your skin.

Preparation of a bath against pimples

For a “Cleopatra bath”, you simply warm one or two liters of milk, so that the temperature is subsequently well pleasant. Into this heated milk you dissolve now two spoons of honey to enhance the positive effect for the skin. This mixture you should just add to your normal bath water and enjoy the bath like any normal bath too. However, you should refrain to other additional washing lotions or similar additives. So enjoy the smell, close your eyes, and feel like Cleopatra – well-being guaranteed! With this bath you are doing a huge favor to your entire skin.

Acne – Honey mask for pimples

A home remedy to make a mask yourself. Simply mix one tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of cottage cheese (preferably lean). Once you have mixed both together properly, you can apply the resulting cream on your face. It is recommended to leave this mask acting for 10-20 minutes. After this time, you should clean your face and wash off the mask completely.

Rub in with honey
Raw honey can also be used as a face cleanser for those of you looking for a natural, alternative remedy.
(Just bee on blossomapply a teaspoon to your finger tips and use it as a regular cleanser onto damp skin.)

Do not want to mix a mask? You can even simply apply it directly on your acne. Rub it just 5 minutes into your afected skin parts and wash it off thereafter. You can perform this treatment daily and it should lead to rapid results.

Conclusion – Honey for pimples:
is very good against pimples! Whether you enjoy a Cleopatra bath, or your own made mask: After several implementations, clear results should show quickly! By the way, of course, you can use both, a bath and apply a honey mask for pimples, one does not exclude the other. It can be ordered easily from Amazon, so you can start with the honey treatment soon.

You can find a highly recommended video on the subject about honey in conjunction with milk as a skin mask for pimples here:

DIY Honey Face Mask! ♥ (Perfect for Sensitive Acne-Prone Skin)

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