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Acne Home Remedies

Are you looking for home remedies for acne, spots and pimples?

You are at the right place! We present the most complete list of home remedies against pimples.

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Some of the best home remedies to cure acne

Home remedies for acne and blemishes are interesting for a pimple treatment due to many reasons. The difference to conventional cosmetic products, which claim to fight pimples, home remedies are natural and therefore potentially less harmful for your skin. In addition, they often have an antibacterial effect.  The acid mantle of the skin is often damaged and thus more susceptible to blemished skin as it already was before, caused by aggressive beauty products. Even if your skin looks pure – it isn’t better by far, and therefore the pimples will come back after discontinuation of the product – faster and worse.

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It is well known that home remedies can be powerful tools for acne. Continued use of home remedies can help reducing acne, pimples, spots and acne scarring. It will not happen overnight but over the course of some weeks, you will see a drastic improvement of your skin.

A haven of home remedies compared with normal acne agents are, above all, the procurement costs because cosmetics are usually quite expensive. Home remedies, however, you have at home or they can be purchased conveniently in a pharmacy or supermarket.


  • Home remedies are less harmful for your skin
  • They offer a better price / performance ratio
  • Means; most times you have this remedies already at home

Summary of contents:

Acne – a widespread disease

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Nowadays acne not longer is a niche problem, but affects a large part of the population. This is, among other reasons, partly caused by our lifestyle, as modern life often forces stress and an unhealthy diet. Such factors can sprout pimples, but that’s no reason at all to give up or to hide!

We present you the most complete collection of home remedies against pimples which are easy to apply and really help! Before we begin, first some important basics that you should remember, if you really matter to get rid of your pimples! If you suffer from blackheads, her’s a gorgeous home remedy, quick and easy, to get rid of them. We found this recipe on > Click here

Foundations for a successful acne treatment using home remedies

  1. To squeeze pimples is a no-go: You see this pimple on your face and you’re about to burst it? Rather leave that! Squeezing pimples quickly leads to inflamed pimples and will only make it worse. Pimples should, if possible, not be pressed out, but when it is absolutely necessary. Since the pimple is painful, you should follow our instructions on how to express pimples in an antibacterial manner, in order to lower the risk of infection.
  2. Don´t grasp your face: If bacteria came from outer space, figuratively spoken, our hands wouldgirl head scratching be the mother ship! In our hands, bacteria accumulate throughout the day, so be sure to wash them as often as possible and do not touch your face because the bacteria is transferred to the skin! American researchers have found that up to 150 different types of bacteria accumulate on our hands. We really do not want these bacteria transferred to the skin on your face right? So do not touch your face, even if it’s hard!
  3. Proper cleaning of the face: When cleaning your face you should take particular care that you use no harsh detergents, which will further irritate the skin! Generally it should be the goal, to attack your pimples as little as possible. This also applies to drying off after cleansing the face: Dab dry instead of rubbing! Because by the rub of a towel, the skin is irritated by friction.

The best home remedies for acne:

Nutrition for acne

Surprise: The most important and best home remedy against acne thatplate of salat on table
we can recommend to you is your diet!

True to the motto “You are what you eat”, this also applies to the skin. What we eat is in direct communication with our skin and health! The skin is the largest organ of our body – which also means that all external influences have an impact on our skin – including the pollutants. So if you are seriously interested in permanently getting rid of your acne and pimples, the diet is what you should change first! Read more …

Here are a few tips on diet for acne:

Waivers as much as possible on smoking and drinking alcohol. Nobody requires you to set all complete, but do you realize that every cigarette and every sip of alcohol leads you further away from your path to pimple free skin?
There are dozens of home remedy ingredients that are helpful to get rid of your pimples, to make the whole as short as possible, I recommend especially fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grain breads and dishes with vegetable oils! All these home remedies have a positive effect on your skin and therefore on your acne! Read more …

Drinking a lot! Our body is not in vain to about 60% water (50% -55% in women,
men around 60% -65% glass of water with rose besidebody water content). That is why we recommend you to consume at least 3 liters of drinking water! By drinking the body is supplied with important minerals for a more beautiful skin, further water purifies your body from the inside, by freeing yourself from toxins – a home remedy always at your reach. If the taste of water nerves you after a while, you should just switch to tea respectively bring in a little variety with tea! This has the same effect, but I would recommend you unsweetened tea. Proper nutrition is probably the most important home remedy for blemished skin ever! If you want to know more about diet against acne, you can read more here. Also taking extra vitamins may cause your pimples disappear.

Tea tree oil as a home remedy for acne

tea tree oil - natural remedy for acneTea tree oil is one of the best known home remedies for pimples and not without reason. Tea tree oil is very good for pimples and also still very cheap – the perfect home remedy so! In addition, tea tree oil for pimples is 100% natural, since it is derived from the leaves of the tea tree.

This means, for your skin it is not harmful at all. The decisive factor using tea tree oil is that it is anti-microbial. This means that the growth of bacteria and fungi is reduced. Before you use tea tree oil for pimples frequently you should read more about the topic Tea Tree Oil: Read more …

Healing clay as a home remedy for acne

Healing clay is a particularly well suited home remedy for pimples since it is very gentleclay mask woman to your skin. Even in ancient times home remedies like clay were used to improve the skin. It promotes blood circulation and cleanses the skin and brings optimal conditions to help you against your pimples. The special feature of healing clay is that it can be used both, internally and externally. More about the home remedies healing clays you will learn here: Read more

Zinc for acne

nuts provide zinc for healthy skinAnother home remedy that works much more intense in your body is zinc! Zinc is a trace element which has great influence on your skin and your hair. Some report, that it helps, but others see no change, so you should try if zinc is it worth for you! Zinc you can also easily take in form of pills. Trying is worthwhile in any case. More about zinc for pimples you will learn here:
Read more…

Brewer’s yeast for acne

Among home remedies, yeast can be applied similar to zinc externally and internally.marmite yeast extract for external and internal use
Yeast contains many B vitamins, which affect your skin and your hair positive. It too contains many minerals that will help against your skin impurities and blackheads. Yeast was former used as a home remedy, its positive effect has been known for centuries and therefore yeast is recommended as a home remedy for blackheads warmly. More about the use of yeast you read here: Read more

Toothpaste on pimples

toothpaste string

Probably one of the the best known home remedies for pimples. Yet his reputation precedes him properly or it really helps for pimples? Toothpaste contains the fat-dissolving drug Natriumdodecylsulfat. This ingredient is also in many cosmetic products that you usually buy for a lot of money. But is toothpaste therefore a good home remedy for acne? No! Why not, we will tell you here: Read more …

Solarium against acne

solarium to cure acne

The solarium is considered a secret among the home remedies for pimples and the thought of it, get a tan while getting rid of his acne or pimples, of course sounds enticing. Is this hint something to, or is it all just a placebo – effect? How do you properly use the solarium against your pimples and how often you should go as a starter into the solarium, we tell you here: Read more ….

Aloe Vera for acne

natural remedy aloe vera Aloe Vera has the same advantage as tea tree oil: it is purely vegetable home remedies! Thus, it is not harmful, but theoretically you could again be Allergic to Aloe Vera.

To find out, and to read how Aloe Vera also can help you against your pimples, we recommend you here to read further: More here ….

Honey against acne

honey picked up Honey? For acne? Yes! Honey is a natural product and therefore well tolerated. Especially relevant are its antibiotic and antibacterial effect. They make the honey to a slow, but effective home remedy. How do you properly use honey as a home remedy, such as a mask, we tell you here: Read more ….

Apple cider vinegar for pimples

bottle of appel cider vinegar and appels in a bowlApple cider vinegar has been taken in antiquity as a means of healing and apple cider vinegar still is a means that you can recommend for acne and problematic skin! Also for treatment with apple cider vinegar, there are different methods of application, for example, there is the possibility of a steam bath for pimples or even the dab on pimples. More details about apple cider vinegar home remedies against pimples you will learn here: Read more ….

Baby powder for acne

baby face laughing

Baby powder is actually meant to protect the bottom of babies from infections. If we remind ourselves that pimples are in actual fact only inflammations, this should also explain why baby powder helps against pimples. In addition to the anti-inflammatory action of baby powder, there is also the antibacterial effect which prevents, so that no new infection is formed. How you apply baby powder to your pimples, without your need to be ashamed about this, we tell you here: Read more …

Chamomile tea against pimples

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Camomile tea is regarded as a miracle cure for pimples! Also chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a disinfectant. And the most important point: Almost everybody has chamomile tea at home! This makes camomile tea the perfect candidate as a remedy for pimples. More about treatment with chamomile tea you will learn here: Read more … 

Contraceptive pill against acne

The pill is an agent which is aimed primarily at girls / women. Again and again we read recommendations on the anti baby pill for impure skin, but why we can not recommend it for you and why we consider such recommendations as irresponsible, we tell you here: Read more ….

Is there something still more effective?

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