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The Best Heat Rash Treatment for Babies & Adults

Heat rash treatment – How to get rid of heat rash fast

You might be wondering what heat rash pimples are
Heat rash pimples (also Miliaria or sweat bubbles called) mainly pop up when suffering from increased temperatures or humidity on your skin. They are small clearish-white bumps on the surface of your skin filled with fluid. This effect can even be caused through close-fitting clothing, for example. Once your sweat glands are no longer free but congested, heat rush may arise.

Especially babies and toddlers often suffer from prickly heat, since they are generally not yet able to articulate whether they actually feel hot or not.

Heat rash in children and babies

Often especially babies and toddlers suffer from prickly heat, since they are normally yet not able to assess whether they actually feel overheated or not. Add to this that most parents on principle clothe their children as warm as possible. Even if the children are overheated, they are usually unable to tell their parents understandable about this. This has the consequence that the heat that felt the body of the child or the baby remains undetected for a long time. Caused by the heat the sweat glands (sweat ducts) dam, since bacteria especially like to settle on a warm and moist skin. See:

Heat rash in adultsheat rash

Adults are easily affected by prickly heat too. One of the reasons may be a stay in warmer climates, like during vacations. Even clothing that fits tightly to the body and thus prevents our sweat to evaporate sensible, can cause heat rash.

How to recognize heat rash?

In most cases we distinct two types of prickly heat, which can be recognized easy by the aspect of their appearance.

Miliaria cristallina

Miliaria cristallina can be removed easily; while the pimples are also very clear. Furthermore they are usually very close to each other and never very large. However, they usually extend over a larger area, especially where welding often accumulates, like in the armpits or on the back for example.

These pimples are usually not inflamed and have no red coloring but have a relatively clear appearance. This kind of pimples can be opened easily by gently pressing them so that the clogged sweat gland is freed again.

Miliaria rubra

The second type of prickly heat is called Miliaria rubra and can be recognized above all by the red color of the pimple. This red color is produced because Miliaria rubra consists in inflamed pimples. This type of prickly heat can also cause pain and severe itching. Through the thereby resulting constant itch the affected skin is usually red and irritated, sometimes swollen.

Tips for treatment

How long does heat rash last?
First of all, it usually is a minor discomfort that will resolve itself for most people in a matter of days. You certainly wonder what to do against heat rash. There are many ways to treat heat rash, but these are dependent on what kind of prickly heat you have. Is it Miliaria cristallina, so the not inflamed heat rash version, it is usually not necessary to use drugs, even not in babies. But it is important to identify the cause, in this case, to avoid too warm clothing. Preferably use breathable clothing, so that the sweat glands do no longer clog.

Even with inflamed prickly heat (miliaria rubra) in most cases no drug treatment is necessary.

What’s the bottom line? – General advice

  • To speed up the healing process you should appropriately clean the body with lukewarm water. Then you should dry yourself with a towel, but it helps a lot when you dab and not rub, as rubbing irritates the skin unnecessarily.
  • Taking vitamin C can accelerate healing.
  • Before long trips to warmer areas or on warm summer days, it is recommended to take vitamin C already PREVIOUSLY for prevention. With a timely prevention you can also prevent dire itching pimples arising.
  • If your child suffers from heat rash, too warm dressing often is the reason! You should change clothing.
  • Do not use any ointments or moisturizing creams; because it may clog the sweat pores even more, which can worsen it.
  • Does your child have it often you should clothe it more airy and take care that it stays preferably in the shade.

Conclusion: As you have already noticed heat rash is a normal reaction of your body when it is exposed to too much heat. This makes it relatively easy to counteract the whole, for example by changing the clothes!

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