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Brewers Yeast For Acne Treatment

Brewers Yeast for Acne

What it actually is

Brewers yeast consists of unicellular fungi! (Wikipedia)This sounds probably not as positive and likely you’ll still hold  less of brewers yeastyeast against acne, but I’m not done yet. Not in vain many expensive cosmetic products contain yeast. His effects apply as “anti-aging” component! Because: Yeast contains many B, which have a positive effect on your skin, your hair and your nails! Furthermore, it provides many essential minerals; to enumerate a few: sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc and copper! In the past, it was often used externally against poorly healing wounds or itching. Read more about brewers yeast health benefits here.

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Possible treatments for acne

Basically, there are external and internal (systemic) applications of yeast for pimples! We will introduce you to both treatments here and you can vary this recommendations without problems and concerns to combine and try what works best for you!

The external use of yeast for pimples:

Yeast face mask for acne

Ingredients that you need for a yeast mask against blemishes:

  • A cube of fresh yeast
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • A brush (or wad of cotton wool)

What effects have yeast face masks on acne and pimples?
A yeast mask for blemished skin cleanses, smoothes, tightens pores and especially it thwarts new blemishes! The mask promotes blood circulation of the skin, so that it is better supplied with oxygens and nutrients!
But what you should pay attention for: It is theoretically possible that you show allergic reaction. Although this is highly unlikely! To be sure, however, try carefully the first time, for example, on your hand back and wait if you notice an allergic reaction!

How to prepare a yeast face mask:
Heat the milk in a saucepan until it is lukewarm. Now crumble your yeast cube and stir it with the milk until a kind of porridge / cream arises. Now you can apply the resulting slurry with a brush on your face. This mask you can now keep about 15 to 20 minutes on your skin until you realize that it solidifies, means becomes hard. Next you only need to wash the mask away using lukewarm water again and have look at the result!

The internal use of yeast for pimples:

You can buy brewer’s yeast easily at any drugstore or chemist’s.
It’s available online with easy at Amazon as:

  • Powder
  • Tablets / Pills

Internal treatment at a metabolic disorder
An internal treatment with yeast only makes sense if you have a metabolic disorder, which is caused by the intestine! Because an internal treatment with yeast acts in the intestine and to your immune system, which means that by this the inflamed pimples go away or do not longer occur. If internal use for acne does not show a positive effect, it means that you have no metabolic disorder but a hormonal problem! But to find out, you have to try first, sure?

Internal use for pimples with yeast tablets

If you have relatively severe acne it is recommended to take 3 times 5 tablets a day! If your complexion has improved then, you can change to 2 times a day, respectively 5 pills. What is important with this method is that you have some patience. A result will not be visible immediately after the first treatment! As mentioned before you can use both methods (mask – pills) also jointly / apply parallel! Does yeast have any side effects against blemished skin? No not really! It may happen that your pimples worsen a bit in the beginning , but this should not be a reason for you to stop treatment, on the contrary, stay tuned! The improvement will arise very soon!

How to Make a Face Mask Made of Yeast : DIY Acne Care

Brewers yeast snac

I was having a hard time downing the brewers yeast, but just created the most delectable little snack that incorporates it: one small apple, one tbsp pecans, four dates, two heaping tbls brewers yeast, one heaping tbls coconut oil. Put it all in my food processor and eating it out of a bowl now. So yummy!!

Brewers yeast tablets for acne treatment

Brewers yeast, a one-celled fungus is commonly used to brew beer. It can be very effective to treat acne, but it has some drawbacks too. Research showed that brewers yeast can work very well at clearing acne, due to the high level of chromium containing. It can serve as a natural alternative to other medications and is available in several forms as a dietary supplement. On the con side, using brewer’s yeast for acne can be risky for people with certain conditions, including those with yeast allergies. Those persons prone to yeast infections, or those who are taking certain medications. Though most people tolerate it well, brewers yeast can cause side effects, particularly if you take too much. the tablets are easy to achieve at any drugstore or pharmacy.

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