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Birth Control Pill for Acne Treatment

Birth control pill for blemished skin & acne treatment

Actually, the birth control pill is intended to prevent, but it is recommended by more and more physicians as a remedy for acne, oily and blemished skin – often sold as a panacea.

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The trendy trigger of the “pill against impure skin”

The theme “pill against acne” was only really rolling when teenager magazines on precisely this topic reported. These reports triggered increased visits by girls at her gynecologist, but not because they were worried about prevention rather by what they could do to improve their complexion. After a short query whether chronic disease or similar symptoms exist in the family, these girls were supplied with a prescription and a brochure.

Application of the pill as a remedy for pimples even in brochures

This brochures should deal with the issue of prevention or not yet, anyway? If it does well, mostly! However, even describing these by medicals distributed brochure about the “positive effect of the pill on acne”.

The application of the contraceptive pill legally banned as a remedy for pimples – why?

As mentioned above, the advertising is prohibited as a remedy for pimples, as long as there is no approved fact for the corresponding indication (the respective disease).

That’s not all – accidental injury is also possible

This makes proper treatment more difficult, if appropriate. If these young people take the birth control pill, with the desire of a more pure skin as motivation, side effects might be suffering from health problems, which may even be regarded as accidental injury.

Side effects of the birth control pill – usually unknown

Often just a few young girls know about the side effects of the contraceptive pill, although the duty of the gynecologist is to inform about this.

Wrong information by girls with partial knowledge only

But these girls usually do not know exactly what diseases / illnesses are found in the family’s history, which increases the risk.

Unlike what can be found on other websites, here no recommendation to use the pill against blemishes is given. Such contributions will please only the pharmaceutical companies and their balance sheets. The pill has been designed and developed for a distinct use than skin problems.

So we advise you not to take the pill only to get rid of your blemishes, since there are so many beside risks. Just read the package insert and you see clearly what level of risk you take!

Pill discontinued – Now I have pimples

Many girls also report that they have got pimples after they stopped taking the pill. That’s quite possible and understandable because the pill affects the hormonal balance of your body fast. The discontinuation of the pill causes your body to change a lot, even your hormones. That’s why increase pimples might occur. But usually this occurs only until the body has coped the transition. This is why no special treatment is needed – just a bit of patience.

We suggest to look for alternative methods to cure skin impurities!

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