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Makeup tips for acne

Best makeup for acne and acne prone skin

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An ugly pimple arising – just on the day you face an important appointment? Where it comes so suddenly ago? Covering with makeup the right way is a quick solution.

You get up, everything seems fine, then you look in the mirror and see – a pimple erupted overnight. That does not fit now, of course, and raises all planning into utter confusion.

Appear for the interview with pimples? Take your flock, in this state? Generally go out? No rather not.

With this pimple you can not get out. The only immediate solution is to cover it with make-up. You need some good make-up tips for covering acne or spots?

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Best makeup tips for covering acne

Pimples are not a reason to retreat into your room! Here are some tips on how you cover a pimple skillfully when the time is too short to get rid of it completely!

  1. Clean the area thoroughly! Wash the pimple properly to minimize the risk of ignition!
  2. The primer! Pimples often differ by color and stand out! Therefore it is important to ensure the correct primer. However, it is important that each primer is as free as possible from oil, otherwise even more pimples may turn up.
  3. Neutralize the pimple color! Because the pimples color differs, it is important to adapt it to the rest of the complexion. For this you need a correction pen or a concealer that exists specifically for skin blemishes.

Makeup tips for acne scars

The worst to cover decently – acne scars. It’s hard not to give up on those little marks and send you searching for the right concealer. But we’re not giving up—we’re getting help!
The start for any makeup application, you need to create a good base. No concealer shall stick to flaky skin. You have to start gently exfoliating your face. Next recommendation is using a brightening moisturizer, to help with redness. Now that you’ve got a bright and flake-free base, you are ready to cover up with makeup.

Choose the right concealer

Here are various types to choose from:concealer

  • Liquid. If you want the product to evenly spread out on your skin, liquid concealer is your best option.
  • Powder. This can cover light blemishes and scars. However, it offers the lightest coverage.
  • Tube concealer. It is creamier and can cover large problem areas.
  • Highlighting pen. This type of concealer is made with light reflecting particles that can make your scars lighter.  

The key to conceal acne scars is the combination of products and tools you use. First, use foundation all over, but nothing heavy or thick as these can make marks more obvious. Blend well using a brush or sponge.
Now use a fine-tipped concealer brush, dot a highly pigmented liquid concealer over the marks. You only need a small amount. When applied with a precise fine-tipped concealer brush, you can make your spots disappear.
Finish by lightly dusting a very fine face powder all over to set the coverage and give the face a flawless appearance.

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