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Clay masks for acne

Clay – a natural detoxifier

bentonite clay mask Clay molecules carry a negative electrical charge while impurities carry a positive charge. Clay attracts the positively charged ions to the negatively charged surfaces of the clay molecule. This provokes an exchange reaction – the mineral ions are swapped for the ions of the positive charged substance. The clay molecule is now electrically saturated and holds the positive ion until your body can eliminate both.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is highly absorbent with multiple health and beauty applications. It is used in some alternative treatments for acne and other similar skin problems, commercially available without a prescription. The powdered form can be moistened and used topically to address the most common causes of acne vulgaris.

 Bentonite Clay – What is it?

It is a light green, very fine powder, derived from volcanic ash.

Bentonite clay masks are an ancient remedy, used already as a detoxifier in ancient times for a number of different ailments.

Numerous high end Spa brands actually use it as a base for treatment masks in their facials. Some also offer ‘green clay’ body wraps, which detox your whole body.

You can achieve the very same results at home – after all the pure clay itself is doing all the work. Commercial operators just add some extra fragrancy to make it more exotic (and expensive).

Bentonite clay detox – How Does It Work?

Bentonite Clay has a ‘static cling’ – which is basically its ability (because of its chemical makeup) to draw out certain impurities, due to the electrical charge. This acts like kind of a magnet, and makes such a great detoxifier both internally and externally.

It works particularly well as a natural remedy for acne because of its calming, soothing and cleansing effect on the skin.

Using a Bentonite Clay mask 2 – 3 times weekly shows the best results. You can also use it as a ‘spot’ treatment when needed, thus significantly reducing inflammation and the appearance of blemishes overnight.

Due to the detoxing effect (keep in mind it’s ‘pulling’ impurities from your skin) it can feel quite tingly. This is very normal, and once removed your skin feels refreshed.

To make removal easier, massage water into the mask for several seconds before using a wash cloth to re-wet it and loosen it up.

You can expect instantly refreshed and calm skin. Regular used it will help to control breakouts and balance sebum production.

This clay is a very effective natural acne remedy.

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Two of our readers provided a review about their own tried and tested Bentonite Clay appliance: 

Judge yourself:

I suffer from acne prone skin and have had blackheads on my nose for over a decade. I bought this clay after hearing about bentonite’s detoxing properties and its ability to pull dirt and oil out of the skin. I mixed two teaspoons of the mask with one teaspoon of organic Apple Cider Vinegar and two teaspoons of Aloe Vera gel. This made enough to make a very thick layer on my face. It took a long time to dry- well over an hour. As the mask dried, I felt it slowly tightening while my skin, especially the skin of my nose, was noticeably pulsing. Very strange feeling! The tightening/pulsing was uncomfortable to endure for so long, but it was not intolerable. The mask was pretty difficult to wipe off, even after trying to soften it by laying a hot towel over my face. It probably took 30 minutes to clean my face. Once the mask was off, the first thing I looked at was my nose and I was delighted! Some of the blackheads were gone completely and the others had lightened considerably. This was after years of (unsuccessfully) trying every product for blackheads out there. The second thing I noticed was that the sizes of my pores were reduced! That’s awesome, after one single use only. I can’t wait to see what my skin will look like after a month of use!

Another of our readers:

I got a bowl and mixed equal amounts of this clay and Apple Cider Vinegar. When I applied the mixture on my face I did notice just very little pulsating but it tightened my skin more. When I washed it off my skin was pretty red and it felt very soft. However my pimples were still the same size. But an hour later, I noticed that the pimples had reduced in size. The next day the pimples were gone or barely even noticeable. I was so surprised, because I didn’t know that something natural could work for me so well. I apply it twice a week and I should say that it is a bit time consuming and it can be a messy. I realized that my skin has really fewer breakouts then it had before. I still get a pimple or two but it is not as bad as it was before I used the clay. This is also helping with my hyperpigmentation from acne slowly.

Clay mask for acne

A clay mask for acne can result very beneficial for acne prone skin, but also the above mentioned masks are the most effective we could get testimonials about, finally you need to find the right substance for your pimples. Almost every skin reacts different to distinct treatments, which often costs some time and experience to find the right cure.

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