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Baby Powder for Acne Spots

The use of baby powder on face for acne
Wait a moment … Baby powder to cure pimples?

baby powder“Baby powder, but it’s for babies isn’t it? Does baby powder help for acne?” We researched this question and found: yes it can! (Not always but often and cheap.) What can it possibly do to help against spots? We were skeptical to say the least when heard this one. But we found this unlikely sounding remedy really can help to improve your skin condition, and solve your spot problems.

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What does baby powder do for your skin?

Why does it help against pimples?
In order to answer this question once again, think about what it is mainly used for: That’s right, the real purpose of baby powder, is to avoid sore baby bottoms. Concerning your skin problems, it absorbs excess oil and helps calm irritation while disinfecting the skin.

Isn’t that the same effect we want to have on our pimples?
Yes! Pimples are basically inflamations and baby powder helps to fight this. It has also an antibacterial effect, so that new infections are more unlikely!

How do I use baby powder on my face while sleeping

Of course in your face it looks pretty ridiculous. Obviously you don’t want to be seen in this condition! We recommend using this remedy over night. Apply it in the evening, after washing and cleansing. Rub it in the affected spots or area or even the entire face just before going to bed. This will allow the baby powder to work overnight while you are sleeping. You will notice your skin looking much better and feeling like … 🙂 the next day.

What to look for when buyingbaby on back for treatment

Important! If you experience breakouts, they might be a result of allergic reaction. In this case you should use talc and fragrance free versions!
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Generally, talc is not only non-carcinogenic, but cosmetically beneficial to the skin, absorbing oil, preventing shine, and providing a lightweight base for further cosmetic application.

Efficient way to cure your acne pimples with baby powder – The rules

  1. Wash your face only one, maximum two times (morning and before you sleep) a day. Wash your face with  regular facial wash. (Ideal is the Acne Ultimate wash, coming soon 🙂 – until then – Amazon is a fast solution)
  2. Use a good amount, as if you cement the powder into your face, like some sort of facial mask. Do it at night before you sleep or over the day whenever it is possible.
  3. Don’t stop this ritual even when your acne cleared up. Stopping will cause your pimples most likely to come back.
  4. You can wear make-ups as much as you like–as long as it’s a quality brand (avoid really cheap ones). But make sure you will apply a thin layer of baby powder talc first.

Against razor bumps

After shaving irritated skin and the infamous razor bumps? Even here it helps to soothe the skin!

Baby powder as an inexpensive home remedy for pimples and acne

Price wise – It’s definitely the most reasonably priced spot remedy! Extremely effective too . Compared to other cosmetic products that offer similar effects, it only costs a fraction – unbeatable prices. So you could try it anyway – nothing to lose financially!

Does baby powder cause acne?

Baby powder is a recommended treatment for skin care and pimples. The price is unbeatable of course. It’s loads cheaper than creams and other specialized remedies for spots and acne. Like anything else, if your skin doesn’t like it (undesirable side effects) then the price is irrelevant, although they generally help, as every person’s skin is different, even the most expensive products might not help in every case. 

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