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Aloe Vera For Acne


Aloe Vera For Acne, Spots & Pimples

While searching for remedies against pimples you’ll turn up tons of information about the plant. Why is that and why treatment with Aloe Vera is recommended? Let me explain …

A natural remedy for your spots

Aloe Vera plantIt is one of the few remedies for acne spots which is completely natural and therefore does not cause side effects. Furthermore, it is also very gentle and suitable for really every type of skin.

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Another unique feature that makes the plant perfect for acne spots is that it can be used both, internally and externally. In many cases the internal treatment can be faster and more effective as an external treatment, because skin problems often arise due to internal problems. Our skin is the body’s largest organ and an unhealthy lifestyle always affects our skin as well. As you can treat your acne pimples both externally and internally, you really shouldn’t be without it.

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A well tried tip for skin problems

The healing properties of Aloe Vera have been known for Centuries! It is rumored that even Cleopatra, the epitome of beauty, has made use of the soothing effect of the plant.

It is useful against many kinds of skin problems: sunburn, itching or even your pimples: Due to their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, the plant qualifies as a top remedy!

Effects on acne

Aloe Vera detail
The pimples on your skin never rise alone, but are often inflamed also. Aloe Vera promotes the healing process of the skin and eliminates your inflamed pimples. Plus, it has a moisturizing effect and improves your overall skin appearance.

Various treatment methods:

Your own plant

Ideally, buy your own plant. Then, just use the gel of your own plant as needed. You just have to cut one of its leaves off (~ 10 cm for facial treatment). You cut that in half so you have two long pieces. Now the actual fabric of the plant is visible, you should recognize this, it’s wet and gel-like texture.
Now just rub the open edge of the leaf over the affected area until almost the whole juice is transferred from the leaf to your skin. Don’t Panic: The purple spots of residue left over from the treatment wash off quite easily, 30 minutes after contact.

Where can I buy a plant?

You can buy a plant from some florists and often from the Green Grocers. Nowadays you can also order plants readily available on the internet without having to worry about the plant’s health. Aloe vera plants on the Internet can be found at Amazon amongst others.

Other Aloe Care Products

You don’t have green fingers and can’t be bothered with a plant? I understand! There are many skin care products that contain the juice of the plant. Capsules, shampoos, creams and skin lotions for acne are just a small selection.
When buying such a product you should make sure that it contains as much Aloe Vera as possible, because the more it contains, the treatment will work more effectively. Some of these products can be pricey, but sometimes you have to pay a little more for quality, and it is your skin we’re talking about.

The gel is also available as drink

Aloe Vera juiceThe gel is the most effective treatment against your pimples. It has some other benefits for your health in general, for example, it strengthens your immune system tremendously. For successful visual results with the Gel, a treatment period of at least 2 months is recommended.

What you should take into consideration when buying Acne Gel:

As with most products, the greater the content, the more effective the product will be! You may read some user experiences here.

Cream For Skin Treatment

Also a cream will help you to maintain your skin and to get rid of your acne and pimples! It is best known above all for its moisturizing effects, which soothes your skin. Creams are considered anti-aging products, so if you also want a purer and more beautiful skin Aloe Vera cream is highly recommended.

The cream is applied once daily, preferably after cleansing your face.

Spray On Your Face

For in-between, perfect: Spray! Simply just spray it on the affected skin and leave. The spray nourishes and protects your skin, so it is ideal for use in-between.

Capsules – Internal Treatment

We have intentionally left this product towards the end of recommendations, as it does not have the desired results on everyone. You can try it and see, they’re available in different concentrations. These capsules are made from the plant’s powder in concentrated form.

What to look for when buying:

Not matter which product you choose, you should make sure that you are buying a quality product! One important indication is that as much Aloe Vera as possible is included. Generally we do not recommend buying this products in supermarkets, as they will be extortionate for what you actually get.

High Quality products can get quite pricey – but, it’s your skin it should be worth it! One manufacturer known for their high quality: Santa Verde (is made from fresh plant juice and of the highest possible quality). You can buy it at many places online without problems and fast delivery at home.

Our conclusion

Aloe Vera doesn’t just help to get rid of your pimples, it also nourishes your skin and helps make it look healthy and beautiful. If you’re seriously interested in improving your skin, you can’t or at least shouldn’t miss those products in your skin treatment collection!

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